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Firing Up the "Doin the Most" Tour

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Lisa and Frank Kiger2 0617Don’t you love those moments when you feel like you gave it your best throughout the day? You took on challenges with gusto and cherished each interaction from the moment your feet hit the floor at dawn until your head hit the pillow that evening? Wouldn’t it be awesome to enjoy that surge of accomplishment every day? 

Lisa and Frank Kiger made this a reality three years ago. They were sitting on their deck talking about “doing stuff.” Lisa recalled a comment their twin son Carson had made as he was heading out to school during his high school freshman year. “Bye Mom…Do the most today.” As the idea blossomed, Carson’s tag line developed as the primary goal. The couple decided to make the most of every day, opening this joyful journey to anyone who wanted to join in on the fun. Lisa and Frank set out on tour with a two-folded quest. The first was to celebrate their love of music by attending concerts at every bar, saloon or music hall between Jacksonville, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee. The second component was to include as many people as possible in their circle, focused on friendship, firewater and fun. Every stop on the tour included open invitations to join the fun. The Doin the Most Tour had been launched!

Lisa and Frank grew up a stone’s throw from each other in Monroe, North Carolina. After high school they married, built a home on Lisa’s family farm and raised their twins, Carson and Cameron. Frank worked in automotive sales and management, and Lisa forged a career with U.S. Air in Charlotte. Life was extremely quiet for the Kigers on that 70-acre farm, with their closest neighbors being Lisa’s parents. They would go days without interacting with anybody other than their kids. Just over ten years ago, the family moved to Bluffton, when Frank had a great opportunity to become general manager of an auto dealership. What a culture shock! The Kigers had neighbors…lots of them.

As the inaugural Doin the Most tour was coming to a conclusion, Lisa and Frank realized they were on to something big. An idea so simple had brought people together from all walks of life, simultaneously breaking through the complexities of shyness, fear and cultural bias. As we chatted about the tour’s evolution, Lisa reflected, “Too many people are becoming divisive. Despite political or religious differences, everyone can come together and have a great time.” The Kigers decided that the Tour should continue and grow. They started small with a Fourth of July gathering in their backyard. The word on Facebook was anyone and everyone was invited. By the time things got rolling an expected group of 10 had grown to 50. While preparing food inside, Lisa glanced through the window. “I saw so many people (who had not met until that night), having fun, laughing and forming new friendships.” 

At that point it was a done deal. Whenever the Kigers would go out, they would spread the word through Facebook. Originally, most events were last second excursions. They really enjoy watching The Simpson Brothers, a brother musical duo who have been entertaining islanders for 40 years. Lisa and Frank would send out the word they were heading to the Smokehouse to listen to some Simpson songs. “One second there were two Tour members and a half hour later 50 people were singing and dancing.” The member count has exploded as the rally for Doin the Most has attracted people from all over the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Several of the events are now planned so that the opportunity is greatest for many to join. The Tour’s most energized activity centers around football. Members have traveled across the country to join the Tour at Carolina Panthers and South Carolina Gamecock games. 

This phenomenon shows no signs of decline. Lisa (The Prez) and Frank, nicknamed Sweetie, have several ideas for the expansion of the Tour. The Prez turns 50 in September, and the couple will be celebrating their 25th anniversary. They’ll be heading down to Margaritaville in Hollywood, Florida and everyone is invited to the big bash. Carson is heading up a new Tour charter in Charleston and other friends are firing things up in Florida. As Lisa and Frank chuckled over new ideas, Lisa summed up why the Tour is so relevant and essential. “It gets us thinking about finding a positive point in everything and making each day a great day. We’ve become a family supporting each other. Most of all, we’ve learned to accept our differences, while sharing our struggles and successes.”

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