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This Month We are Wondering if Men and Women Can Just Be Friends

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November 2021 Issue

So here’s a question to ponder:
Can men and women have a platonic friendship? Some say no. When a man and a woman are close enough to become great friends, romantic feelings will arise on one side or the other—maybe both, if they’re lucky. It’s human nature, right?

Not so fast! On the other hand, there are those who think it preposterous to propose that a man and woman can’t keep a friendship purely friendly, with no signs of flirtatiousness anywhere to be found. Perhaps it is possible.

We were stumped and debating it regularly at the World Headquarters of Pink, so we took the question to some of the attendees, all female, at last month’s Pink Partini at Red Stripes Caribbean Cuisine and Lounge on Hilton Head Island.

The proposed question:
Can men and women have a great friendship and keep it purely platonic?
83% said YES, of course men and women can just be friends!
17% said NO, if they become too good of friends it’s going to eventually get kissy kissy!

Here’s what the YES women had to say!
Yes. Sometimes a man or woman can understand you, your issues, or your happiness more than the same sex.

Yes. I have seen it and lived it.

Yes. but it depends. Are there any underlying romantic feelings? Then maybe, no.

Yes. You can confide in men and not worry about being judged, and your secrets stay safe.

Yes. Some of my best friends are guys I grew up with, and I share the same stories I do with them, like I was talking with my girlfriends.

Yes. Men and Women can be best friends because they can share the honest truth.

Yes. Cause all my buddies are guys! I talk to them instead of their wives.

Yes. I have a male best friend, and it’s just that. We respect each other too much to cross boundaries.

Yes. I have lots of platonic friends. All friendships need clearly defined boundaries that both parties agree upon.

Yes. Tell them up front, no crossing boundaries and if they stick around, they make fantastic friends. Cross the line—see ya!

Yes. Because friendship isn’t about gender; it’s about values, having a mutual understanding and respect. None are binary, gendered constructs.

Yes. It’s like having a sibling.

Yes. It’s good to have a different point of view on various issues. Also, takes a special man and woman.

Yes. No drama with men or hormones. Lol!

Yes. Men are easier to deal with! I was blessed with all sons.

Yes. My best friend is a male!

Yes. Been there, done that. No complaints.

Yes. Absolutely. They are more trustworthy in friendships than relationships.

Wow! No rom-com plots here. Hands off, or we’re done…or are we? Those rom-coms, though predictable, always have a plot twist or two. Hmmm.

Bring on the No Way women!
No. Because they always want more than just friendship.

No. Because they want to be more than friends.

No. Men think about sex every 10 seconds, I heard. Lol!

No. Because most of the time men will only be friends with women for the hope of sex.

Well, that is a consensus, and it looks like the guys are to blame. Can you believe it? Cue the sad trombone…whomp, whomp, whomp.

Tune in next month when we ask men the same question.

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