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June 2022 Issue
Intro by Elizabeth Skenes Millen  Poem by Iris Jackson

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When longtime educator Iris Jackson was locked down for Covid, naturally her mind worried about the children. She, like many teachers, knew online learning wasn’t enough to quell the growing minds and curiosities of kindergartners. These little minds and bodies aren’t meant for sitting still in front of a computer, tuning into class meetings, all in a hands-off learning environment.

That’s why Telling Trails, Iris Jackson’s new book, was born—out of an idea to help little ones connect the world around them to their thoughts, words and imaginations. A letter—A, B, C, D—a picture, a place, an experience, all became prompts for creativity and fun.

Once the book began to take shape, Iris realized its scope reached beyond children. It became a hit with those wanting to challenge their brain to free think, be creative, or just think outside of the box for a few minutes each day. This book became a way to “exercise” the brain and have fun all at the same time.
And, for those writers frozen in writer’s block, a.k.a. fear, Telling Trails provides a platform to take thawing baby steps to get words on paper and melt into the magic of writing.

Surely, by now you’re ready to learn more and excited to give it a try! What Iris did was pen a poem for each letter and photo in the book, leaving space for readers to do the same, allowing creativity to blossom and overflow!

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Excerpt from “Telling Trails” by Iris Jackson
Above photo taken at French Bakery, HHI

So inviting—from sign to storefront—what do you think?
Shall we go in for lunch?—or maybe a drink?
Or just a coffee to check it out.
If coffee’s good, there is NO Doubt.
A new spot to stop for liquid delight—
Gotta get that coffee, especially if it’s right.
Let’s check it out. What do you think?
Or more than a drink. Oh what do you think?
Shall we stop and go inside? Gotta make it worth the ride.
To shop and support those little places—
That could become our new happy spaces.
Meeting new friends—some smiles on their faces
For the things that They bought from that place new to you,
Can also provide for the owners, and city, it’s true.
Loving the journey, even though not too far.
We can get there on foot, no need for the car.
Will you be my new place for coffee and such?
Can’t know till we go and find this new magic touch.
Gotta be worth the calories you know.
So get out and go, and then you will show
All your friends who like coffee, local goodies and such.
All the places and spaces we are missing so much.

-Iris Jackson, 2021

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Use these locally shot photographs to further your Telling Trails adventures and spark your creativity.

To learn more about author
Iris Jackson and Telling Trails,
visit, or buy your copy at The Sandbox, HHI, Beaufort Bookstore, or McIntosh Book Shoppe, Beaufort.

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