About the Artist

Linzi Lynn

Born in London, Linzi's creative career began when she was a little girl. She grew up to travel the world as a successful singer and dancer. After settling down to raise a family in Southern France, with her husband who is an author, Linzi suddenly decided to "splash some paint around". The incredible latent talent she discovered surprised her, and a prolific and uniquely gifted artist was born! "One day I was watching my husband type his latest novel, and as I had always been a very active person, I began wondering what I was going to do with my time. I bought an easel, canvas, and some oil paints, and painted an old Asian woman with a lot of wrinkles; I was surprised and pleased with the outcome. But the next painting turned out even better and, miraculously, each painting became better than the last, and so I became addicted to art." Linzi is a self-taught painter, studying art books and taking life drawing workshops. "I went through a phase when I was fascinated with Andrew Wyeth's work. Living in France, having Picasso living on the next block was inspiring. Then later on, living in Italy, I was inspired by Caravaggio! I grabbed a little inspiration from each and mixed them into my own concoction. Right now I am following Dali, ErtÈ and Schiele. The vast range of my inspiration moves me forward and enables me to forever explore new possibilities!" Her brilliantly rainbow-hued works capture the character and nuances of her subjects so magnificently, they appear larger than life and take on an almost regal quality in the majesty of their presentation. "For many years, I always painted using straight, natural colors, sometimes in monochrome. Then one day, I was bored with the norm, so I asked myself, 'What if I painted everything in vibrant multi-colors, with the richness of a gold background?' That's when I started to use all these colors, thick and straight from the tube." Linzi's breathtakingly vibrant works are painted in acrylic on canvas and occasionally masonite. She has used an arsenal of medium in her work, but stated "I prefer oils, but acrylics dry faster, are odorless, and their colors are brilliant and more vibrant." Now a California resident, Linzi usually exhibits three to four times a year at art festivals across California, and at the same time, promotes gallery showings of her work. Rendering large-scale works to appeal to corporate clients is also in her future plans. Linzi has been tagging and registering her work with Fine Art Registry since 2008. To view Linzi Lynn's gallery or for more information about the artist please visit www.linzilynn.com.

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