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Linda Ellen Price

Linda Ellen Price, a registered nurse and artist, lives on a 60-acre retreat in a beautiful, private setting called Deer Meadow Farm. She lives with her husband David and their two dogs, Tony and Louie. This setting is the perfect place for her to gain inspiration, as the love of humans and animals is apparent in both her portraits and more abstract paintings. Apart from Linda's portraits, her work ranges from colorful street scenes and bright tropical scenes, to figures in sepia. Each work represents a separate part of Linda as an artist, but her vivid imagination and fascination with color is always a common factor.

"An event in my life as a fifth grader almost made me abandon art forever. My teacher had me destroy my Christmas project due to it being crudely original, as compared to the other children's commercially made, beautiful displays. I decided I would be a nurse. After becoming a nurse, I enrolled in an art class to satisfy an old longing. My instructor viewed my work and said, 'You've painted before.' That was quite a surprise. I had never held a brush in my hand before that day. Those words inspired me to learn all I could about my newfound joy-painting. After winning first place in a juried art competition, I decided to try workshops. The real turning point was studies with Russian artist, Max Heldman. I think Max was born to teach. Every day of his instruction was an exciting experience. He became very interested in my drawing and painting and encouraged me to make art my life's work. Life as an artist became an adventure. I never looked back."

And what an adventure her life has been. Linda is influenced by artists such as Kinstler, Jacquin Sorolla, Fechin, and contemporary artist Jove Wang, but says she doesn't favor one over the other. "I don't ever want to paint like another artist-I want to be inspired by them to be able to convey my own creativity," she says with conviction. Continuing, she says "In the workshops that I teach, I tell my students it's okay to respect and admire other artists' work, and reap the visual and emotional impact, but you lose things if you paint like another artist. If you try to do it that way, you will always be second rate. You're crushing your own creativity and you need to let it run free to be a successful artist."

It is apparent that she loves what she does and loves being able to assist other artists in finding themselves in their imagination and their work. "I have found that I have more talent as a teacher, than as a painter. I often see students in my workshops with sad looks of dejection, and a lack of confidence. My hope is to have them come to know the joy in painting that I feel, and see that a bad experience is not the end of the road."
Linda is a member of Oil Painters of America, the Portrait Society of America, and the National Museum of Women in the Arts. She has been featured in publications such as: Portico, Veranda, American Art Collector, Southern Lady, Birmingham Magazine, Black and White Cover, La Vie Claire, Jezabel, and Artists and Galleries of the South.

For more information on Linda Ellen Price or to attend one of her workshops, please visit andersonfineartgallery.com or call 912.634.8414. To view Linda's art, visit Anderson Fine Art Gallery, 3309 Frederica Rd, St. Simons Island, Georgia 31522.

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