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Scott Ward, originally from Minneapolis, studied commercial design and illustration at the University of Minnesota before moving to Seattle in 1989. In 1999, Scott began painting, and since then has been on a journey of refining his artistic talents. He masterfully creates works that are vibrant and lighthearted, but always seem to teeter between the surreal and the sublime with images that simultaneously speak not only to the eyes, but to the heart, mind and spirit.

His trademarks are his use of rich, saturated colors and his exploration of the spiritual realm with creative playfulness. In his paintings, Scott explores themes of the container and contained, as his images reflect the vitality of the human spirit, while pushing the limits of imagination. Scott paints with oils on canvas, and reflects reality with an eclectic mix of animals, human forms and landscapes in a surrealistic, yet lighthearted blend of color and shape. Scott's work is a breath of fresh air, as it is always filled with surprises, and rewards the viewer for paying close attention. Graceful lines and often startling juxtapositions abound, as each work reveals a self-portrait of self-expression for the artist. 

Scott Ward has worked as an artist, graphic designer, and clothing designer, as well as designing interiors, landscapes and theatres. His work has shown in galleries and venues across the country and can be found in personal art collections around the world. In May 2001, Scott debuted his greeting card line and prints on canvas, which is based on his growing body of oil paintings. In November 2010, Scott's artistic offerings expanded into a variety of products including coasters, cutting boards, aprons and switch plates.  In May 2013, Scott and his partner, Cameron, opened a boutique, home-stylings and art store in Seattle called Current and Furbish. It is now the home of Scott Ward Art. Whether a painting, print or note card, every piece of Scott Ward's art is invested with his spirit, his soul, and his thought-provoking take on everyday life, yet he still allows the viewer room to search and to add their own meaning, depth and perception to the visual before them.

And, if you think the name sounds familiar, it should! Scott Ward's work was featured on the March 2009 issue of Pink Magazine!

To contact Scott Ward, call 206-709-4047 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can see some examples of Scott's work by logging on to www.scottwardart.com.

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