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Marabeth Quin

"Happiness is actually my work, not painting, and I feel that the works of art I create are the byproduct of my consistent devotion to the act of focusing on the wonderful bounty all around me."

Marabeth Quin moved from Arkansas to Nashville, TN in 1987. What followed was a fulfilling career as a studio musician for more than 20 years. During the late '90s, while in her mid-30s, Marabeth took up painting as a hobby, mainly for the clarity and pleasure it provided. It was a practice born out of love and not necessity, as the foundation of the relationship between painter and work has always been more of play and experimentation, than technique for her. Since 2007, she has been a career painter with pieces in homes from Hawaii to Florida, as well as providing works for corporate collections such as Vanderbilt Children's Hospital and UBS of Nashville.
"Through art, I attempt to tune myself into the well-being that underlies all things that often gets drowned out by the noise of life. It is through this broader perspective that I portray the themes that dominate my work-namely happiness, appreciation of beauty and vibrant life, and the intimacy of the heart." Marabeth Quin summons imagination through every finished work of art. Her creations take the viewer away from reality and thrusts them into a whimsical world, whether it's her still life pieces, abstract works or those that are her own creations.

"My work tends to reflect a contemplation of life through a lens that has been sharpened by maturity, motherhood, and a lengthy relationship with myself and others.  My 18-year-old daughter had a massive stroke last March, and we have seen first-hand the power of holding a vision and aligning every thought you have toward it.  What was outwardly a tragic event has worked a sort of magic inside me, and I feel a clarity that I have never had before.  When something matters as much as her recovery does, it changes you-you get very serious about your thought-life-and I find that I have no desire to indulge unproductive and ungrateful thoughts.  Every moment has proven to be a gift to us, and is more alive with color and possibility than I ever realized before. Life offers us kindness with every new opportunity, and many times we miss it because we have labeled something as a 'bad thing'; if we can suspend judgment about where things are heading and instead assume that everything is always working in our favor, amazing things can happen.  I have always tried to portray this thinking in my paintings but I am just now seeing this in such a powerful fashion. "

Marabeth Quin utilizes a process that she happened on through experimentation, an unusual mix of extreme texture combines with transparent acrylic built up through many layers of applications. When the painting is complete, Marabeth applies a coat of varnish that deepens the colors to the beautiful rich hues apparent in every piece of work. "The result is a rich, creamy appearance that is unique and highly recognizable." She said. "It has a dream-like quality that I use to portray those moments in which our lives, at unexpected moments, take on an eternal quality, out of space and time, and are rich with mysterious meaning and texture."   
For more information on current and future exhibits of Marabeth Quin's works, visit www.marabethquin.com. You can also join Marabeth on Facebook, or visit her blog.

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