OMG Moments - July 2018

Being a Badass


““Sis said I was being mean to a nurse at the hospital, but I was speaking up for my husband. She was asking too many questions.”

“A man was berating an elderly Walmart checker for asking to see his receipt for un-bagged items. He would not stop yelling at this old man. So I shot back, ‘What are you, the President? Do you have an important meeting to get to? Leave this man alone; he is doing his darn job, you jerk!’ He shut up, showed his receipt, and walked out with his tail between his legs.”

“Winning a poker tournament in Daytona that won me a $1000 seat in the women’s event at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.”

“My dad and I went skydiving a few years back, and I still talk about how badass I am!”

“I stood up to a bully.”

“Driving! I’m not a nice person when I drive. I don’t even like myself.”

“I hadn’t really biked in over 15 years, but last weekend, after a few smaller rides, I biked almost 16 miles in less than two hours. Love finding my personal passion again!”

“Being bald-headed.”

“A guy in a bar kept hitting on my little sister. She was getting irritated. So, I walked up and planted a kiss on her and said come on baby, let’s go home.”  

“Many years ago I had the opportunity to dance on stage with Chubby Checker! Definitely felt badass until years later when I found out my older sister had danced on stage with him, too! Sometimes it’s not easy being the youngest!”

“When I made a conscious decision to trust God more, walk with faith and mind my own business.”

“Drove a boyfriend’s car 100 mph down a country road when I was young and foolish.”

“I teach high school. Being a badass comes with the job. I might not make a lot of money, but I’m a badass because I make a difference in a child’s life.”

“I loaned my pigtail bows to the teacher to put on the class clown as his punishment in 3rd grade!”

“I told a nurse in an email that if she wasn’t going to respond to me via phone or email to at least write me back and tell me to f*** off so I could find someone else to help me.”

“Worked 26 years in the car business as a comptroller; I kept 45 men in tiptop shape. I had a ‘No Whine Zone’ sign on the door, and they all were really scared of me!”

“I actually went above and beyond last Monday and delivered groceries to a customer who was missing items. It was my part-time side hustle.”

“I represented myself in my divorce. I forgave my husband for divorcing me
with love.”

“While getting on the Metro in Europe a man tried to grab my purse and after grappling, I not only grabbed it back, but pushed him off at the next stop. Girl Power!”

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