OMG Moments - May 2018

Pet Pandemonium

OMG 0518

“My Shi-poo, Kobe’s favorite snack is Cheez-Its and he can say “I love you!”

“In taking my son to school, the car door opened and Taylor, my black lab, ran out and into the school. I ran in and where did I find her? In the cafeteria! I was so embarrassed.”

“We all had pets growing up. I had the dog, Tippy. Little sister had the cat, Bootsie; middle sister got the short end of the stick with Popeye, the meanest, nastiest parakeet—he bit her a lot. But we all felt bad for Popeye the day he got loose. Heading in flight to bite his owner again, she ducked, and he landed in mom’s big pot of beef stew – feathers were flying—mom was screaming. Popeye survived and mellowed out after that!”

“I had a cat who used to get into my drawer and carry my clean underwear and pantyhose around the house—embarrassing when we had guests over!”

“Dude (the cat) sits on the fence in the front yard and greets everyone —all who walk by must stop and pet him. He is well known in the neighborhood—more like a dog. He also comes when you whistle and will walk along with you.”

“We got a robot vacuum for Christmas. I was sick one day at home when the Roomba started up. The dogs ran into the room with me, I shut the door as we waited for it to clean the house. Once I heard it back on the charger, I opened the door to see our clean house, but no—there was dog doo everywhere!”

“Our Weimaraner, Pippa, at 1.5 years old, LOVED watching Olympic figure skaters and became irritated when they would go off the screen. She would go get the remote and bring it to us to change the channel and turn the skaters back on!”

“I had a nice dinner cooked with candlelight and all. My cat jumped onto the table, caught his tail on fire, ran around the house and caught the curtains on fire!”

“Years ago, we had a beautiful white lop-eared rabbit named Gizmo. Free to wander all over our home, up and down the stairs, Gizmo was completely litter box trained and never had an accident, that is, until one afternoon when my in-laws were over for dinner, and Gizmo sat on the fireplace hearth as we boasted about him. The words were no longer out of our mouths when Gizmo let go with one of the biggest bunny pellet poops EVER!”

“My Lab, Jake, ate half of $60. He got ahold of three $20 bills and tore them in half. I followed him around for days looking for the other halves – never found them.”

“Years ago, my husband’s family had a large black Lab named Blue. One time they had an exchange student from France stay with them; the following year she came back to visit with her parents. My mother-in-law served up a beautiful, formal dinner, complete with a standing rib roast. She asked, “Would anyone like a second helping?” At that moment Blue came sauntering through the swinging kitchen door carrying the roast proudly in his mouth. She was mortified as the girl tried explaining to her parents that no, this wasn’t the way Americans served second helpings!”

“Many years ago, while preparing breakfast for my four rambunctious children and three dogs, one dog, which was prone to seizures and was on medication – you guessed it – I accidently took his medication giving him my birth control pill!  It was embarrassing to call the vet to ask if there would be any side effects!”

“Took my new 3-month old kitten to the vet to be spayed. She checked into the office/clinic as “Kira” and when I picked her up, was told she was neutered! He had two incisions and a new name—‘Simba’!”

“Maestro was a very industrious puppy who loved to bring home “presents.” One morning I awoke to find a neighbor’s bra on the front porch. You can be assured we did not try to return it!”

“Years ago, we had a 175 lb. Harlequin Great Dane named Harley. When he was still a puppy, he ate an entire collection of matchbox matches! He spent the next week expelling them- some came out complete (they could have been used but weren’t) and when he burped, it smelled like sulfur.”

“When my girls were young, we had a pet goose. We lived in town and they would lead him down the street on a leash. Cars would stop and look—it was funny to see!”

Poll: Overall these describe my Mother:
27% Joyful—she is/was my BFF
25% Wise—she always has/had the best insight    
25% Protective—I don’t know what I’d do/would have done without my Mom
17% Fun—she makes/made me laugh all the time        
4% Smothering—she is/was too controlling    
2% Mean—unfortunately—and we didn’t/don’t have a good relationship

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