Pink-Mademann Makeover - August 2018

Back to School Takeover

Makeover 1 0818

By Kathryn Mademann
Photography by Kathrynn Mademan and Lindsay Gifford 

Makeover 2 0818From Sarah Bo: As a first grade teacher, I always like to freshen up my style before the new school year. My children, Aiden, 16, and Sophia, 10, just went to visit family in NY. I have also just moved into a new home. I work usually 2 or 3 jobs every year. I know I get stuck in a rut with hair and make-up. I’m outdoorsy, although my passion has been riding horses; I am now putting more energy into getting back into playing tennis and kayaking with friends since EYRSP (extended year reading summer program) let out for the summer.

When I received the phone call from Pink Magazine I was in shock. I actually thought I was being “punked”. Once I spoke with Kathryn, I became super excited to put my trust in her team of experts. I feel like their hair and make-up pointers fit what I needed to achieve—a fun and fresh look. I enjoyed the entire process.

I picked up my children in Augusta, GA, and they were amazed by how short my hair was. Sophia said on our drive home, “I still can’t believe your hair!”

When I met Sarah Bo Danzell she was full of energy, articulate, and charismatic. She shared with me her busy life, family, and passion for teaching. As we spoke, I realized that Sarah Bo has a depth in her life experiences and, as many single moms, she has a lot on her plate managing her kids, renovating a new house, teaching, and trying to fit some “me-time” in between it all. This summer, Sarah Bo realized that-—busy life notwithstanding —it was time to do something new in updating her “look” with a new hairstyle and some ideas for her wardrobe for the upcoming school year.

Often women look in the mirror and quietly think to themselves: “I would love to do something different with my look but how do I go about it?” and “Who can I trust with this transformation?”

I’m so glad our Pink Makeover folks found her!

Makeover 3 0818

We started Sarah Bo’s transformation at Hair Designers located in Village at Wexford, HHI, where we met hairstylist Travis Harper and makeup artist Diane Cook

Travis is a passionate artist and began his career in hairdressing six years ago. As we consulted with Sarah Bo, we decided to shorten the length of her hair by several inches to give her a “Swing Bob” style. Travis also created depth by adding color with an Ombra treatment, highlights on the top, followed by toner. (As shown in our photo journal)

We then met with makeup artist Diane Cook. We talked about which colors would work for Sarah Bo’s complexion, hair, and eye color. Sarah Bo had been using a greenish eye shadow; I shared with her that it wasn’t the best color for her. Diane and I agreed to use bronzes and browns instead.

Once the foundation, eye shadows, eyeliner, and cheek color were applied, we thought we would have some fun. Sarah Bo has fairly short eyelashes, so we thought it would be fabulous to add false eyelashes to bring out her eyes and, WOW, they really popped! To finish off, we used a red shade of lipstick to add sizzle for the photo shoot. Otherwise, for daily wear, I recommended lighter lip co

Makeover 4 0818

Next, off to Fresh Produce located in Coligny Plaza to find an outfit for the final reveal. Fresh Produce want to feature an outfit by Yala. In the “after” photo, Sarah Bo is wearing a red knit top with white and cherry print gaucho pants. She commented she felt like she was wearing pajamas because they were so comfy. As a first grade teacher this is perfect outfit because of the easy comfortable fabric...great for traveling too!  Looking stylish on the go doesn’t have to be hard or uncomfortable.

In our photo shoot grand finale you can see Sarah Bo’s bright eyes and warm smile, and she looks beautiful and chic in her new outfit.

We had a great afternoon of laughs, fun, and style! I would like to thank Mark Goodman, owner of Hair Designers for his warm hospitality, and Travis Harper and Diane Cook for their expertise in our makeover!

Thanks To:

Hair Designers: Offers full salon services and products: Unit F-1 in the Village at Wexford Shops, 100 Wm Hilton Pkwy., HHI. 843.686.4247;

Fresh Produce: Featuring lifestyle clothes for the beach and beyond. Located at Coligny Plaza Shopping Center, 1 Forrest Beach Dr., Unit A-3, HHI. Open daily- 843.842.3410.

Kathryn Mademann is an international style and image consultant. She has worked as a fashion model and was the TV host of “On Trend,” a fashion makeover television show. Kathryn’s passion is to help people discover their unique style, regain confidence and feel great about themselves in their personal and professional lives, knowing that confidence in one’s appearance is empowering. Learn more:

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