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Introducing Pink's New Makeover Maven

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International Style and Image Consultant Kathryn Mademann

You are new to the Lowcountry. Tell us about your journey here?A few months ago, personal family matters brought me to Hilton Head Island. As I spent time here, I started to fall in love with the community and decided to relocate from Montreal, Canada. I’m very excited to integrate into the communities of the Lowcountry, continue to build my business, and offer my support to the area. I love to play golf and tennis, so there is no better place to be!

You have an amazing background. Do tell. My life has had some unique twists and turns. After graduate school, I started my career in higher education and began a modeling career at the same time, the latter of which extended for more than 25 years. Within that period of time, I also founded two niche resort magazines, hosted a few television shows, including one that featured fashion makeovers called “On Trend.” Hosting this show resonated with me because I loved helping the women who wanted a makeover, and was also able to incorporate my fashion experience. It was rewarding when the makeover candidates put their trust in me. As a personal image stylist, I’ve worked with amazing individuals and business clients, charity events, and retailers both in the United States and Canada. One of my unique clients is Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort, where I’ve been a regular guest speaker. I also just signed on with Hilton Head Health (H3) in Shipyard Plantation. I’ll be offering my “Foundations of Fabulous Style” workshops and private consultations to their guests.

As an international style and image consultant what do you want to achieve with your clients? I want my clients to feel empowered in the way they look and feel about themselves. Everyone is unique—the shape of our bodies, color of our eyes, skin, and hair—which I refer to as your personal canvas. I help them understand how to dress and highlight their individual personal canvas, finding the styles and colors that look the best on them. I also want to mention that I work with both women and men. I think it’s equally important for men to look attractive for their partners, too.

Why would someone want to work with an image stylist?There are many reasons: Updating their professional image, or returning to the workplace after a hiatus, recovering from a health issue, changae in body size and weight, re-entering the dating scene, or just to rejuvenate their look and feel good.

What style topics will you be covering in future issues of Pink?

• Knowing the colors that are right for you.

• How to curate a wardrobe of clothes you would love to wear every day.

• Ways to stop the chaos in your closet!
• Updating your hairstyle and makeup

• Reader Q &A and Reader Makeovers and much more!

Is there more to style than what you wear? Sure. To me, style is a person’s global aura. When one feels confident and likes the way they look, he or she exudes a sense of personal style. Wearing expensive clothing or a certain dress size doesn’t automatically give one style. I have created a term that I use in my style workshops. It’s called Your Personal Formula—Color + Fit = Style. Everyone has their own personal formula. And I help them find it!

What are you most excited about in partnering with Pink for future makeovers? As a previous magazine publisher, I understand the importance of creating a voice through the pages of a magazine. Elizabeth and her team have done a wonderful job giving readers information that makes their lives better. Sometimes it’s serious, other times funny, but I know Elizabeth is always trying to give her readers something new to think about. I feel honored to be brought into her magazine and given the opportunity to offer insights and tidbits of information that will make our readers lives easier.

How is the Pink-Mademann Makeover going to be different than what Pink has done before? Together, we are a dynamic team. The Pink-Mademann Makeover is going to continue the vision of Pink Magazine in helping women (and men) to find and be their best selves, and I’m excited to bring my experience and knowledge to the pages and hopefully educate and entertain our readers along the way.

If someone is interested in a working with you or would like more information, what is the best way to contact you?

They can call me at 802.345.9252, email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit my website I’ll look forward to speaking to them.

Are you interested in a Pink Mademann Makeover? Please email us a
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