Skating Uphill - September 2020

Living a Healthy Lifestyle


“Okay, so here is a question for everybody:
Are we ready to get back to basics, or what?”
– The Uphill Skater –

I am willing to be the one to ask about all of this. Are we ready to let things be what they are? Are we ready to begin to come back in ways that are comfortable for each one of us? Can we finally, or for just right now, not be bitter and angry when we talk about politics? Can we still love our friends and somehow agree to disagree without being disagreeable? Can we just shut up and wear our masks and not make this simple thing into a huge deal?

So, these are big questions and lots of them. I know that, unfortunately, there are many more I did not mention, but let’s leave it at these for now… if we can even agree to do that. Things are swirling around in the air so thick right now that it is a wonder we can even breathe, masks aside. We have forgotten how to just be ourselves. This confinement is taking such a toll in so many unexpected ways that it boggles the mind. So, I am about to make some sense out of it all for you, me and anybody else who cares to listen…and I promise NO politics.

I would like to dedicate this article, by the way, to us all. As I said, it is about you, me, and anybody else who cares to give “back to basics” a try. I mean by that, get back to what matters—you! If this sounds selfish, it actually isn’t. In my last two articles I have urged you to take a stand, get an anchor and explore who you are and how you feel. Now I am saying it is of the utmost importance that you take care of the person who is you.

Let’s talk about food. What are you eating? I have actually regained 15 pounds since I reached my goal weight in February. As I have sat around, watched movies, not gone to the gym and generally vegged out, it has been unbelievably easy to do this horrible thing, and now I am trying to undo it. My gym has reopened with restrictions, and boy, I am back there big time. I know we can exercise at home with any number of tools, including just walking around the living room, but I am not the type to do it. Are you? If not, check up on your gym, get off your butt and get back moving. My gym calls itself a wellness center, and the head trainer is an RN. I feel perfectly comfortable going back with the restrictions they have in place.

Take a honest look at what you are eating. I journaled my food intake for two days and gave up in disgust. I was writing down things like a handful of nuts, three cookies, a piece of fudge that was lost in the fridge weeks ago, cheese and crackers twice, and so on. I am not sharing because I am proud of this; I am saying what many of us are going through right now. Boredom eating, not taking time to fix a meal, TV eating, bad habit eating...have I hit you yet? I have hit myself several times over.

If out of all of this, you are also having trouble sleeping, this makes a bad thing worse, and that is a proven scientific fact. Lack of sleep and poor sleeping habits are more and more being linked to depression, obesity and their two friends diabetes and high blood pressure. Plus there is just a general condition of being crabby and tired when you don’t get enough sleep. We don’t need crabby right now on top of everything else, do we? I will share just a couple of tips for sleep improvement, but I feel this topic is so important it deserves its own column. I do just five minutes or so of relaxing yoga before bed. I stretch and breathe and give myself some quiet lotus time. I do not look at screens for at least an hour before bed. Also, completely darken your room as much as possible. Wear very comfortable jammies, keep the room cool, and finally, do not drink or eat at least two hours before bedtime. Just try these simple tricks and see if it helps. What does not help is talking on the phone about your bad day, having that final glass of wine at 10:30, or watching the news just before bed. And for heaven’s sake, do not check email right before bed or go onto Facebook!

Now one more thing: Please for me and for you, do not, I repeat, do not, lose any friends over things that are happening now. Friends are so important, especially long time friends, who are like family. Hold these people close to you even though they may make you mad as hell right now. It will be well worth it in the long run. Love, Judith

Judith Lawrenson is a former Hilton Head Island resident who has a huge heart and is loved by all who meet her. She has served and volunteered with numerous charitable organizations while living in the Lowcontry making an impact wherever she went. She and her husband recently moved to the wild hills of West Virginia to be closer to grandchildren. Judith is an avid sailor, a retired reading resource specialist, and a children's TV host whose local show originated from the Boys and girls Club. Judith is also a long time seeker of healthy, happy living and a lifestyle dedicated to service to others balanced with love of God and love of self. Check out her BLOG for fun info, recipes and nutrition ideas, current updates on nearly everything in the world, and lots of comments and opinions.


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