Lash Takeover - July 2019

Featuring Brie Jones & Lindy Russell


by Brie Jones & Meredith Deal
Photography by Caroline Logan Cherry & Lindsay Gifford

Candidate #1:
Meet Brie Jones                    
- 20 years old
- Hilton Head Island native
- Attends Newberry College
- Communications major

Candidate #2:
Meet Lindy Ellison Russell                    
- Miami, Florida
- Has lived here 26 years
- Director of non-profit
  Hilton Head Heroes

At my first creative meeting as an intern at Pink Magazine, I was chosen to be the makeover candidate for the July Lash Takeover. I was super stoked about it because I have friends who always get their lashes and brows done professionally and their eyes always look amazing. Now it had officially happened, I was having mine done, too.

I normally don’t wear makeup. Everyone tells me I don’t need it, usually followed by compliments on my skin with comments like flawless and natural. I guess that’s a good thing for a college girl’s busy schedule because when I do doll up, I only wear mascara and lip balm. These two have been my go-to items for most of my life, so I accepted this opportunity to change my look hoping to go from good to fabulous.

In this day and age, lash extensions and brow sculpting are very popular, and now I know why. Eyebrows frame your eyes and help complete your expressions, and our eyes are the windows to every message and sentiment we convey.

FACES Lash Studio - a division of FACES DaySpa
When walking into FACES Lash Studio, I felt I had walked into paradise—a beautifully appointed room with luxurious chaise lounges. This is where I met Lindy Russell, our other lucky Lash Takeover candidate, who I think was as excited as me. She was full of energy and sweetness. Lindy is a beautiful person both inside and out. She revealed to me she had never had her brows waxed or lash extensions, so this was new territory for her, too. Both of us newbies couldn’t wait to see what the FACES lash experts had in store for us.

Enter Jessica Guerrero and Amalia Castro Martinez, licensed aestheticians and lash magicians. The two of them welcomed us, checked us in and lead us to our plush lash boudoirs.

Makeover0719 2The Lash Extension Process
Step 1: We both got to choose our lashes! They come in an array of lengths from natural to ravishingly long. Lindy chose natural, and I got a mix, referred to as modern chic—natural but long. Lindy was thrilled about the possibility of not wearing mascara in the weeks to come, especially in the summer heat, when it seems to just melt off.

Step 2: Time to relax. I laid down on the fit-for-a-movie-star chaise, which felt like lying on a soft fluffy cloud. (Our publisher says she sleeps through every lash treatment; I can see why.)

Step 3: Eye pads were placed beneath our eyes, which helps to treat that area, too, as they contain a little collagen!

Step 4: To help minimize oils from the eye area during the session, they started by cleaning my eyelashes with a tiny brush dipped in rubbing alcohol. (You keep your eyes shut during the entire session.)

Final step: Each individual lash is carefully placed one by one with adhesive until the desired look is achieved.

The session took 75 minutes and was totally WORTH it! Lindy and I both agreed our lashes had never looked better. Afterwards, they educated us on how to care for them to get the most longevity. They usually last three weeks and then only require a fill-in.

Maintenance is simple, as only one step is required, brush them in the morning—and they gave us the brush. The first 24 hours requires avoiding water and oils.

Brows and Makeup
Next, we walked over to FACES DaySpa for our brows and makeup. Licensed aestheticians Jamile Araten and Jenn Wilkins went to work on our brows. Both of them were friendly, welcoming and made us feel very special. Lindy didn’t need brow tinting, so they waxed and shaped her brows to best complement her structure and eyes. This was my first time experiencing brow tint. It was simple, painless and made my brows stand out, even on my darker skin.

The final chapter of our special makeover day was our makeup lesson. Jodi Crichton worked on Lindy first, enhancing her newly fabulous eyes with eyeshadow, then adding concealer, blush and lip color. Lindy looked beautiful and rejuvenated. I could tell she was feeling her look and was satisfied with how it turned out.

Next, it was my turn. Both Lindy and Jodi agreed no foundation was needed because of guess what—my flawless skin. (“Haha! I woke up like this”) Jodi applied shadow for my eyes, blush on my cheeks, and lips—colorful lips, not just lip balm. All of the products used were from FACES private label makeup line. We both agreed we felt really pretty. Well, actually, we felt hot!

“I loved being pampered, said Lindy. “All my friends thought my lashes and brows were so natural looking, but could really tell the difference! I’ll never forget what Gregg, my husband, said, ‘You look so beautiful!’”

Our makeover day was definitely one for the books! From our lashes going from anyhow to POW, to both of us looking fierce, to boosting our self-confidence and inner feminine power. With our new lashes, brows and makeup, both Lindy and I were extremely honored and ready to empower others in a blink of a well-appointed eye. We both want to express our gratitude to FACES DaySpa and Lash Studios for their hospitality and giving us the total highbrow treatment!

Thank You:
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