Makeover - October 2015

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by Diane McMahon
Photography by Heather Moon

Strolling down Calhoun Street in Historic Bluffton, you might see a quaint, porch-fronted house with large lavender planters and fuchsia Adirondack chairs in the front yard. Curiosity will compel you to wonder what’s beyond the colorful threshold. What awaits you inside Lynda’s on Calhoun is a quirky, magical space that combines a sassy salon, serene spa and boho fashion boutique created by owner Lynda Johnson. 

Pink met our makeover candidate, Sonya Jacobs, at the house on Calhoun St., where Sonya was introduced to the “team” and immediately whisked away to the back room spa to begin facial treatments. For the next five hours, Sonya was taken into custody by Lynda Johnson, who is also a hair stylist; Linda Burton, licensed esthetician; and Josephine Bredice, hair stylist and makeup specialist.  

Sonya admitted she had never ever colored her hair before, but she looked gamely at the determined trio and said, “This really isn’t something I do, but I’m here and I’m up for anything. Well, no purple hair.”

The atmosphere was festive; food and fruit were laid out on platters. While Sonya had her facial, Lynda explained that in January she moved her salon from Harbour Town Marina—where she was a hair stylist for 28 years—to Calhoun Street.  She wanted to shout out a special thank you to the 90% of her clients who followed her to the new location. The interior is a testimony to her artsy, eclectic vision. It’s as effervescent as she is.

Sonya returned with a glow and a smile. She was treated to an Arctic Berry Enzyme Peel. The esthetician used Eminence Organic Skincare products and explained their products have nutrients and vitamins that build and strengthen the skin and act as collagen boosters. 

Linda Burton left for another appointment, leaving Lynda and Josephine to advise Sonya on the next stage: hair.  The cut and color had to look good with little maintenance in recognition of Sonya’s busy lifestyle. Words like balayage, ombre, icy, shaggy, messy and easy volleyed between Lynda and Josephine.  Sonya calmly waited for whatever they decided. The decision was to deepen her natural brown, add “sun-kissed” highlights and give her a long, layered shag cut with bangs. 

While getting her color, Sonya talked about her two daughters—Andi, 17 and Abby, 11—both volleyball players at Hilton Head Christian Academy.  This year Sonya was chosen as team mom; just another addition to Sonya’s many roles. She is a pediatric speech pathologist who recently moved from the Lowcountry Therapy Center to work in the elementary school system; she gives voice and piano lessons; she is a singer who has performed solo with the Hilton Head Symphony; and a songwriter who has two CDs—Evening Tides, recorded with Lavon Stevens, piano and Delbert Felix, acoustic bass and featuring jazz standards and American Classics; and Above & Beyond, which features Sonya singing her fully orchestrated original songs. ( 

When asked what her husband thought of her spa day and makeover she smiled, “He’s taking me out to dinner for a date night tonight.”  That gave the ladies even more incentive. 

After Lynda finished the cut, Josephine waxed Sonya’s eyebrows and put her in the makeup chair. She first applied a mineral primer, whose garish green color looked like the witch in Wicked. Immediately, it acted as a corrective and smoothed out the red tones on Sonya’s face and neck. Next, she brushed on a light covering foundation, which gave more contrast to the darker contouring powder used under the jawline and cheekbone and around the eye sockets.  

Josephine chose grey shadow to deepen the blue in Sonya’s eyes. Using a moistened brush, she applied eyeshadow as liner close to the lash line and drew it out to connect the corners of the upper and lower lids. She used a bone color to highlight the inside eye and under the brow, and a shimmer powder on the middle lid. Then she used another brush to smudge the lines and create a bold, smoky look. She used a Jane Iredale eyelash revitalizer to condition and extend the lashes and then applied mascara. Josephine applied a dark lip liner and light gloss. Finally, after a few strokes with a mineral finishing powder, she turned Sonya around. 

We all clapped with delighted admiration. Sonya’s lovely face was now completely FABULOUS!

Sonya moved back to Lynda’s chair for the final styling of her hair. Her hair glistened and her tousled cut looked young, sassy and stylish. The final step was selecting something gorgeous from the boutique’s unique selections. Lynda put her in an elegant, sexy, sleeveless black jumpsuit.  As you can see, Sonya Jacobs stepped out looking utterly stunning.  (And she bought the outfit for her date night!) 

When a day ends that’s both fun and rewarding for everyone, that’s a really beautiful day!

Special Thanks To:

Lynda Johnson, Linda Burton and Josephine Berdice, the triumphant trio at Lynda’s on Calhoun.And of course, we thank our beautiful makeover candidate, Sonya Jacobs. 

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