Style Takeover - January 2018

Sirritha Green


Story and Photography by Laurie McCall

When Elizabeth Millen posted on Facebook that Pink Magazine and Fifth Avenue Salon were looking for the perfect makeover candidate, several women volunteered, but it was Sirritha Green’s sweet response that caught our attention.

She posted: Omg.......... Let’s see. I have had the same hairstyle for over 10 years. I am a mother to 4 busy, busy kids with my oldest in college. I don’t have time to do my hair so it is usually always pulled up. I would love a new sexy look for myself and my husband. I would love for him to look at me again with those eyes.

Sirritha admits she was a bit nervous, but it was time for a change, and she was ready. She arrived at Fifth Avenue Salon with her son Kevin in tow. Kevin, the most polite and well-mannered 9-year-old I’ve ever met, sat down to tell me why he thought his mom deserved a makeover. He said, “Every time I need help, she helps me.” He went on to tell me how his mom always takes time to help him and his siblings with their school work, and she also gets up and makes them all a hot breakfast in the mornings.

Melissa Martinez, a stylist since 2011, was in charge of Sirritha’s hair. Her first thought—bangs to help shape her face. Melissa decided on long side bangs and a multilayered cut, texturized to create movement. Because Sirritha’s hair is so thick, Melissa began with a wet cut and finished with a dry cut so she could see just where the weight needed to be taken off in order to lift her hair. For color, she kept the same general shade, adding highlights and lowlights to give Sirritha’s hair a brighter look and add dimension.

Tip: When deciding between color and highlights, consider maintenance. Color quickly leaves visible roots. Whereas highlights grow out more easily and naturally, thus requiring less maintenance.
Danielle Bassett, who’s been a stylist for five years, was in charge of makeup. Sirritha had been busy finding babysitters and planning a much-needed night out, so Danielle knew she wanted to give her a date night look.

I asked her for some tips for our readers, and here’s what Danielle had to say:
• If you have smaller eyelids, less is more.
• Add eyeliner to the top lid to turn daywear to nightwear.
• For blush, use more bronze colors in the summer to look tan, and use pinker shades in the winter to look like rosy cheeks from the cold.
• Rather than using eyeliner on the lower lid, use a darker eye shadow under the eye.

After a fabulous time of being pampered and expertly made over by the highly skilled team at Fifth Avenue Salon, Sirritha and I headed back to the Pink office to meet Elizabeth and see what she treasures she found at Lettrs to complete the look.

Sirritha looked absolutely stunning in a navy blue, versatile, sweater poncho. Her gold jewelry, including two necklaces, earrings and a chunky bracelet, all by New York based designer Julie Vos, added a dash of elegance and confidence and was the perfect complement to her stylish gold clutch.  
When Elizabeth surprised Sirritha by gifting her with the poncho for her hot date, Sirritha was overcome by the positivity of spending a whole day being surrounded and encouraged by a group of women. We had to convince her she could not cry and mess up her makeup because we wanted her to look beautiful for her long overdue date with her husband.

Sirritha texted me an update the next day: “I wanted to thank you again for yesterday. I had a wonderful time and feel amazing. I walked in the door last night, and my husband’s jaw dropped. I was picked up and hugged so tight. We had a blast at dinner.”

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your family is take care of yourself!

Special thanks goes to:
Melissa Martinez and Danielle Bassett at Fifth Avenue Color and Styling Salon located at 1040 William Hilton Parkway, Suite 100, HHI. Visit Fifth Avenue Color and Styling Salon, where a team of experienced, on trend stylists are ready to help you find your new look for the New Year. Call for your appointment 843-842-5517.

Debbie Timen, owner of Lettrs Gift Store, located at 1303 Main Street, HHI and in the Promenade in Bluffton, for helping rock Sirritha’s look with fresh fashion and exciting accessories. Visit Lettrs for unique gifts, personalizing and monogramming.

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