Style Takeover - June 2017

Tricia Mikouchi


I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a makeover than Tricia Mikouchi. Even though she’d probably never want recognition, I have to tell you just how amazing she is. Tricia moved to Japan in the ‘70s where she lived and taught school for 14 years. After having her first daughter, she moved back to the states, where she adopted three more daughters and raised them as a single mom. Listening to her tell stories about her girls, the sentiment was always the same—unconditional love. In anticipation of returning to Japan for a reunion with her former students, Tricia’s goal was to be the blonde they would remember.

Our makeover began at Worth New York, where Manager Lynn Dubose helped her to pick the perfect outfit—a navy, stretch cotton, (white) grommet jacket paired with a silent white wash Sylvie pant. The outfit fit Tricia to a T and will be perfect for many occasions, especially her reunion.

Next Tricia visited Belk where Bonnie Moore, a Wacoal Fit Consultant, helped her find the perfect bra. According to the Huffington Post, 64 percent of women wear the wrong size bra. I was curious if Tricia was one of those. “Yes! I didn’t know they belonged way up here,” she laughed. As it turns out, she was wearing a bra two sizes too small and it just wasn’t getting the job done.

Tricia’s fast growing hair was showing some serious roots. It had been four months since her last color treatment but the biggest problem seemed to be her everyday frizz. “I’m going to Japan during the rainy season. It’d be nice if I didn’t look like I was electrocuted,” Tricia said.

The next day we met up at the Heavenly Spa by Westin where cosmetologist, Gene Hall was ready to tame Tricia’s wild mane. Together, he and Tricia chose hair color samples. He began by applying a medium golden shade of blonde to cover the gray, then added highlights to brighten and lighten her look.

Once Gene had conquered the color challenge, he was ready to take on Tricia’s frizz with a variety of Moroccan Oil products, including Smooth and Hydrating Styling Cream, Textured Clay and Moroccan Stronghold. Tricia was so surprised by her new look. “He got it! This is just what I wanted! I didn’t know my hair could do that!” she exclaimed.

From there we headed to the beautiful lobby of the fabulous Heavenly Spa, where Makeup Artist Gizzel Olivera applied products from the Jane Iredale line to give Tricia a soft, natural look. After cleansing and moisturizing her skin, she applied primer and a foundation Mineral BB Cream. Then, Hibiscus Ultra Lift Eye Cream by Eminence, which plumps up fine lines and wrinkles. After brushing and patting on light, natural eyeshadows, Gizzel spent time penciling in Tricia’s eyebrows. A little blush, some mascara, a touch of Sangria lip gloss, and Tricia was looking like a new woman.

Tricia changed into the new outfit from Worth, and headed to see Diane Stansbury at Sterling Styles to check out her exclusive selection of jewelry. Diane chose a Chanel gold cross necklace and Triage bracelet with a white topaz bead charm, both by Catherine Page, the perfect finishing touch.

Special Thanks To:

Bonnie Moore at Belk, who gave us a “lift”—located at Shelter Cove Town Centre. She will help you find the perfect Wacoal bra that really fits your body and lifestyle.  28 Shelter Cove Ln. #100, HHI. 843.686.8710

Lynn DuBose, the Manager at Worth New York, located in the Tanger Outlet, for always supporting women and helping them look their best. 1254 Fording Island Rd., Bluffton. 843-837.1907
Gene Hall at the Heavenly Spa by Westin—for being a dimensional color guru. Two Grasslawn Ave., HHI. 843.681.1019

Gizzel Olivera, Makeup Artist at Heavenly Spa by Westin for her makeup expertise. Two Grasslawn Ave., HHI. 843.681.1019

Diane Stansbury for providing us with unique accessories. Sterling Styles located at Village at Wexford. 1000 William Hilton Pkwy C3, HHI. 843.715.2415

And, thanks to Antiques & Garden Collectibles, my favorite place to take pictures…and browse! 960 William Hilton Pkwy., HHI. 843.785.3848

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