Reel Corner - May 2020

What if??

May 2020 Issue
Reel Corner by Donne Paine
[Reel Corner is Blue This Month to Honor Our Medical & Rescue Heroes on the Front Line ]

And, what if…

If we subscribe to the philosophy that life is always working out for us, and that there is an intelligence far greater than humans at work…
That all is interconnected.
What if…
the virus is here to help us?
To reset.
To remember.
What is truly important.
Reconnecting with community.
Reconnecting with family, as there is more time at home.

To reduce.

Reducing travel so that the environment, the skies, the air, our lungs all get a break.
Parts of China are seeing blue sky and clouds for the first time in forever with the factories being shut down.
Working from home rather than commuting to work (less pollution, more personal time).

To reconnect.

With self—what is really important to me?
An invitation to turn inwards—a deep meditation—rather than the usual extroverted going out to self-soothe.

To reset economically.

The working poor.
The lack of healthcare access for over 30 million in the US.
The need for paid sick leave.
How hard does one need to work to be able to live, to have a life outside of work?

To face our mortality.

Check back into “living” life, rather than simply working, working, working.
To reconnect with our elders, who are so susceptible to this virus.
And, washing our hands—how did that become a “new” thing we needed to remember. But, yes, we did.
The presence of Grace for all.

There is a shift underway in our society.

What if it is one that is favorable for us?
What if this virus is an ally in our evolution?
In our remembrance of what it means to be connected, humane, living a simpler life, to be less impactful/more kind to our environment.
An offering from my heart. Offered as another perspective. Another way of relating to this virus, this unfolding, this evolution.
It was time for a change, we all knew that.
And, change has arrived.
What if…

Show your  “Blue” in support

Saluting all the medical personnel who continue to keep us healthy, safe and cared for, especially during this COVID-19 crisis.

The Reel Corner salutes the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapist, medical clerks, laboratory technicians, nurses aides, housekeeping, maintenance, security personnel, dietary department personnel, administrators, all those responsible for the supply chain of products needed and all those not mentioned who support the care of patients.

It is difficult to list movies about doctors, nurses and hospitals when we see nightly images of the real thing, but here are a few that you might find interesting.

MASH (1970):
A satire based upon the novel MASH: A Novel About Three Army Doctors, this film depicts a unit of medical personnel stationed at a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital during the Korean War.

The Hospital (1971):

This satire is about 24-hours in the life of Dr. Bock (George C. Scott), the Chief of Medicine at a hospital in Manhattan. Bock has suicidal thoughts caused by a mid-life crisis and wishes to make his death look like an accident for insurance purposes.

One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest (1975):

Jack Nicholson plays a character who has been sentenced to a term of confinement in a psychiatric ward of prison.

Bad Medicine (1985):

A couple of med-school applicants can’t get admitted to any medical schools in America, so they end up in a small Central American school run by Alan Arkin.

Florence Nightingale (1985):
This made-for-television movie stars Jaclyn Smith as the nursing pioneer who came to be known as the saintly “Lady of the Lamp.” This Emmy-winning feature makes good on its classic television pedigree.

Awakenings (1990):

The victims of an encephalitis epidemic many years ago have been catatonic ever since, but now a new drug offers the prospect of revival.

Medicine Man (1992):

Sean Connery plays Dr. Robert Campbell, a scientist in the Amazon Rainforest, who is racing against time to find a cure for cancer before the logging industry destroys the village he has sworn to save.

The American Nurse (2014):

This documentary shows five nurses from varied backgrounds who work in different settings, including a prison, a nursing home and in labor and delivery in a hospital The film presents a positive image of strong, dedicated and independent nurses.

Angels in America (2017):
Based on a play, this movie features strong nurses who work on AIDS ward.

Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now (2013):

This documentary film interviews over 100 nurses with an accurate and inspiring view of nursing today.

Reference: Dr. Gurpreet Gill, Trinity Hospital, Steubenville, Ohio;;

ReelCorner 1219 Donne
Donne Paine, film enthusiast, once lived around the corner from the Orson Wells Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts where her strong interest in films, especially independent ones, began. Supporter of the arts­—especially films—she travels to local and national film festivals including Sundance, Toronto and Tribeca. There is nothing like seeing a film on the big screen. She encourages film goers to support Hilton Head local theaters—Coligny, Park Plaza and Northridge theaters. To support her habit of frequent movie going Donne is a retired executive recruiter and staff development consultant. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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