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We know not to say the “F-word” but the new word NEVER to say is the dreaded “D-word”
Yes, friends, we must not ever say the word DIET.

Okay, I am exaggerating just a bit, but you and I both know that dieting, or even saying you are on a diet, is so very OUT that you simply must not do it. Going on a diet is bad, bad, bad. We never say it or do it. You know I am right. To prove it, I will just ask you to stop for a second and think of all of the synonyms you can think of for the word DIET.

On TV they are now saying “weight loss plan” and all of the new books refer to a “healthier eating regimen.” Portion control programs are also big nowadays. The term “value system” no longer refers to how you feel about life, but how you count your “caloric intake,” and please note that I did not say just plain calories. Even the weight loss products that are advertised are dropping the d-word from their commercials. It is Nutrisystem and Lean Cuisine not the Nutrisystem Diet and the Lean Cuisine Diet. Check it out; I am right. “Sound caloric intake” is the new buzz phrase. We also must now look at not only how much we eat and what we eat, we must also know what to call it!

I tell you what, dear friends, I am now looking at my weight loss and healthy weight definitions based on how I feel and how my clothing is fitting on my pudgy little body. I am finding it more and more difficult to keep up with it all. My only recent bright spot is a recommendation, which is part of the purpose of our time spent together this month. I have recently seen the Dr. Oz Magazine in supermarkets, as I do my usual scan of what is happening in the most recent divorce scandals of the rich and famous and headlines telling me how to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. I, too, am fascinated by Tarick and Christina of Flip or Flop, and I also scan the huge weight loss claims that call out to me. I bet you read the covers as you wait in line, too.

Anyway, I actually picked up the Dr. Oz Magazine, had a quick look and broke down and bought a copy. I have been a fan of his ever since he first started on Oprah. He is down to earth. He has suggestions that make sense to me and recommends foods I usually already have in the fridge. He believes in yoga and meditation, rather than a personal trainer and prescriptions. He is still married to the same wife, too. So how about that? Well, I pulled out the subscribe tab and did just that. I also put the free app on my phone.

The app has a 21 day plan with stuff like a piece of toast spread with avocado and an egg on top and has lots of easy fruits and veggies. I don’t have to look all over the place for jicama, or a kohl rabi, or some exotic thing that costs an arm and a leg—it’s so radicchio. I read somewhere if you do not have at least 80 percent of the ingredients in a recipe, you should not be making it. That makes a lot of sense to me.

I have my first magazine, which, by the way and talk about keeping it simple, is called Dr. Oz! It is full of tips a person can really use. I mean sure, we all know that going to Canyon Ranch for a month is going to be helpful to our lives, but it will also cost upwards of 30K, so will I see you there? I think not. I may see you at Wal-Mart though buying a $15.99 yoga DVD. I may also see you at the produce counter buying some on-sale fresh broccoli or a big bag of carrots. I hope people have really come down to earth food wise. I will continue to put good health, good food, and good emotions all together into the package I call a healthy lifestyle. It just makes good common sense to listen to your body. If you listen carefully, your own body is speaking to you loud and clear!

On another note, if you have time, please go to for reprints of Pink articles, food and nutrition tips, and yes, I will say it—diet programs. See you next month when we will talk about skin care. You might be surprised about some of the new discoveries in skin care products and anti-aging plans and methods. Also, sun screens have put a new “shine” on things lately—unintended.
Love, Judith

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