Skating Uphill - April 2016


Yes, your mother used to say it, and so did mine. In general, this is good advice, but in my case, not so much. I grew up on a farm with everything from cows, sheep, pigs and horses to chickens and guinea fowl. It was not all that safe to play outside if you know what I mean. You really had to watch your footing. The air was not all that fresh either. Again, you catch my drift?

That was then and this is now. These days the benefits of fresh air have become a big health issue in many ways. As we read about pollution in China and unclean air in industrial cities worldwide, the increase in air borne illnesses prove that these hazards exist. Breathing fresh air really is very good for you and breathing polluted air is really NOT!

It has been proven that getting outside in the sunshine and breathing the fresh air increases energy, improves overall health and helps reduce stress and depression. One of the benefits of living in the beautiful Lowcountry is that fresh air is abundant. Our air, for a variety of reasons, is very fresh, crisp off the ocean. I love being outdoors now, and even during winter, I will bundle up and sit out on my porch to watch the birds.

How about some other healthy lifestyle things to do outdoors?

I love to walk with my dog and we go everywhere. We walk on the beach, around Coligny Plaza, in Jarvis Creek Park and in our own golf course neighborhood on cart paths and trails. We also walk on the leisure trails and bike paths all over the island. (I have heard complaints about cyclists, runners, and yes, even tourists, not being respectful of each other’s rights on these trails, but I have been walking here for years, and the only person who has been rude to me is my husband, and that is totally another story. Let me just say that I do not walk with him early in the morning any more.)

Another outdoor idea ideal for this area is water sports (duh). There are lots of great swimming beaches, many available pools and lots of places to just wade in. You can also rent a wide variety of water sport toys that are a hoot. Jet skis are fabulous and so are paddleboats and beach tricycles. I have a kayak that I love, but before you buy one, I suggest you rent at least three times. Be sure you can lift it, transport it, and that you know the tides and depths before you take the plunge.

Finally, my last suggestion is probably the best if you like to just relax and enjoy life. Why don’t you sit out on your back porch? Get a book and a pillow and find a comfortable chair or lounger and just sit there. Why not? You can even sit outside at night, enjoying the stars, the moonlit sky and listening to the hoots of the owls.

Hit a golf ball, play tennis, ride bikes, watch birds, beachcomb, walk, run, skip, Segway, pick up pinecones, sit on the dock of a bay and watch the tide roll away or whatever…just get outside. If absolutely NONE of these things strike your fancy, go down to Harbour Town and sit in a big red rocker. That’s the reason you moved here; it wasn’t to be cooped up inside all day. Inhale. Exhale. Deep breathe. Sunshine and daydreaming—a great way to watch the day go by and soak in a little Vitamin D. Love, Judith

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