Skating Uphill - March 2016


All right, I get that we are not supposed to love food, but honestly, I keep hearing that the reason that people are not losing weight is because there is simply too much food around and it is all so very good. I am the first to admit that this is true. Food, though, is not to be loved. Well, okay it is to be loved, but let’s talk about foods that love us back, rather than the ones that lead to failure.

Some of us have a history of falling for those “bad boys.” Not me, of course, but others. It is the same with food. Are you in love with French bread? How about French bread with butter? How about French bread with ooey-gooey garlic butter and melted Parmesan cheese?  Now we are talking not just love, but real passion, for that bad boy.

The problem is not only are there foods that are not worthy of your love, they seem to keep calling you for dates and won’t set you free. Hello, this is chocolate calling? NO, I am already busy tonight with Salad. It’s really hard not to dis Salad for Chocolate.

It is wonderful to love food, and its not terrible to eat. Food is not your enemy; it is, in fact, your friend. Food helps you look and feel your best like nothing else on this planet, except maybe a call from an ex who desperately wants you back and you can laugh and say no thanks! Okay, bad example.

For a good example, you can sit and eat lettuce, tomato, apples, broccoli and scrambled eggs all day, every day, and actually lose a ton of weight. No one wants to do that though, so I am going to give you three tips that will give you some love on a couple of new foods and new thoughts and ideas.
First, try to eat fish twice a week. Don’t say icky yicky, yet. I love salmon and a grilled piece on top of a nice salad is yummy. Also, the salmon patties at Fresh Market are just so very good. How about a tuna salad with lite mayo, pickles, chopped celery and chopped green onion? If you don’t like it on a salad, put it on a piece of 50-calorie-toast and add a small slice of cheese for a tuna melt. I like to order fish when dining out, and in the category I include shellfish. So, how about some grilled shrimp? Use your imagination and having fish twice a week is very doable.

Next, try a vegan breakfast. The Total Vegan Diet advocated by Dr. McDougal is much too difficult and really not that good for you, but statistics say that if you start the day with a meal that contains no animal products, your metabolism will be reved up for much longer than if you eat a breakfast with animal products.

I have been experimenting with different kinds of yogurt and have really liked the almond yogurt. This is good with any and all types of fruit. How about a piece of peanut butter toast and a banana—yes, this is the Elvis special for those of you who are fans of the King. Also, any cereal or oatmeal with soy, almond or chia milk or the combination of all three—I just bought a carton at Whole Foods. All fruits, any grains and all vegetables are up for grabs. Just try it once a day.

Finally, this is a challenge: Try one new food per week, just one. My daughter challenged me to do this and I started January 1st. I have only hit one dud so far. It was a Tofurkey product and I could not finish it—ugh! Other things I have tried successfully include: Kale slaw, several of the Garden Lite products, especially the cauliflower casserole, and Dr. Praeger’s Broccoli Cakes, which are also gluten free. I have discovered there are tons of products out there I have never eaten before. This has been quite the little adventure for me and I am enjoying it a lot. Give it a shot.

I hope you now feel free to love food. Food is your friend not your enemy, and yes, there are many foods around us in abundance every day. Lucky us, we get to pick and choose.

In closing, I must tell you how touched I was by a recent article written by Pink’s Publisher, Elizabeth Millen. She has lost nearly 70 pounds and asked—no begged—everyone to stick with it. I am honored to join her in that sentiment. Please, don’t give up. Always visualize yourself as a success—never as a failure!  Love Judith

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