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“Always Remember that beauty is only skin deep,”
—said someone with really good skin!

We have all heard beauty is only skin deep and stuff like never judge a book by its cover and looking beyond the surface. I am very much in favor of any and all of these types of sentiments. As we carry on our ongoing discussion of how to live a totally healthy lifestyle, insights like this are important not only to our own sense of self-image, but also to the quality of our interactions with others. If you don’t believe me, just ask Mama June. No, just kidding, but she really has undergone a huge transformation, right?

What brought all of this to mind was not, of course, Mama June. I only follow her adventures and those of her little daughter Honey Boo Boo on a very random basis. What made me think of all of this was a story I recently read to my little grandson. Do you remember the story of “The Ugly Duckling?” I bought it, along with several other books, at a yard sale, and boy was I glad I did. What a really super lesson to share not only with my little grandson, but with the lovely ladies who read and enjoy Pink.

You know the story I am sure: The mama duck has an extra egg in her nest and it is oversized to say the least. When it hatches, the baby looks nothing like a duck, is gray instead of yellow, has a huge bill and makes a strange noise. All of the other barnyard animals tease him, make fun of the little guy and harass him until he abandons the farm and hides in the reeds of a pond all through the cold lonely winter. What a horribly sad story. When I read it to my grandson, I had to keep repeating to  him that there was a happy surprise ending, but as I did so, I could not help but think that people stories like this often do not have happy surprise endings. As you may remember, the “duck” is not a duck at all, but a swan, who only discovers that fact at the end of a long, lonely, hard time, when he is discovered by a group of swans who welcome him with open arms. It’s a shame he had to wait for that, isn’t it?

"We need to eat right and exercise, but we also need to BE right within ourselves."

This story makes me think of that teenager bullied online. What about the tubby girl who has no friends or dates? Think also, while we are at it, of any men and women who are “different” and judged on that difference, rather than on the person they are inside. Have you ever heard anyone say things like, “Oh, he/she is all right, but they take some getting to know?” I guess that says a lot, doesn’t it? We all take some getting to know, if we are honest. The old Bible quote that advises us to judge not least we be judged might actually have something going for it advice wise.

Okay, ask me what this has to do with living a healthy lifestyle, and I will tell you it is a key element in the way we lead our daily lives. One cannot help but be surrounded by others who are on the same planet and want to have the same happy life you do. I guess this is the place where I say we should cut each other a break, but in actual fact it is much more than that. Survey after survey tells us that anger and frustration are not healthy. I am here to tell you that judging others by appearance, first impressions, or even prejudicial presets is not only bad in general, but actually bad for YOU! It is obvious it will limit your circle of people with whom you interact, but perhaps not so obvious is the damage it can do to you as a person. As I watch TV news and read the paper, I see hatred right down to death threats on line for differences of political preference. Are you kidding me?

Whatever happened to listening? Whatever happened to sharing opinions? Where is civility? Has the middle ground fallen away from us entirely? Come on now, is it really worthy of online rage, losing close friends, or death threats? I hardly think so. It is not worth an ulcer either. It is not worth being in a constant state of agitation. It is not worth so much of your time spent in bitterness and anger.

So, I guess this is a rant of sorts, too. Health and a healthy lifestyle have so many components. We need to eat right and exercise, but we also need to BE right within ourselves, and compassion and understanding is just as much value as healthy food—maybe more so!

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