Hissy Fit - September 2015

Plus Size, My Ass!

Hissy Fit - September 2015

As a former fat woman, I am still mad about how limited my options were to finding cool, stylish clothing when I was a size 20. One of the best things about being 67 pounds lighter is the endless options for clothing choices. But, that is only because I have gotten myself well below a size 14. Did you know there are certain brands, which I won’t call by name, that only make clothing up to a size 12? If you are bigger than that, I suppose they would prefer you not defile their style.


From the Publisher - September 2015

Now that it is September, most students have been back in school long enough to be getting comfortable in their routines. While the thought of learning, exploring and studying doesn’t provoke a lot of excitement in most kids, the fact of the matter is they will know more by the holidays than they know today. Gaining knowledge is a side effect of school, even for those who don’t try very hard.



Hissy Fit - August 2015

Shaking My Head...Sometimes It's All You Can Do

Hissy Fit - August 2015

SMH is an acronym that stands for “shaking my head” and is usually used in texting or on social media. According to Urban Dictionary, SMH is used when someone finds something so stupid, no words can do it justice. Lately, I have encountered a few SMH moments, which I would like to get off my chest because, quite frankly, shaking my head is not working and I’m hoping words can clear the air once and for all.


From the Publisher - July 2015

One of my all time favorite quotes is “Change your attitude, change your world.” I live by these words because I believe they hold the secret to happiness. You see, the trial and tribulations that cross your path in life isn’t what defines you. How you deal with it all is what defines you. And, the good news is you have a choice in how you react and move through life.


Hissy Fit - June 2015

The A-List: Because Life is Worth It

Hissy Fit - June 2015

I recently made a new friend and she impressed me right away. It wasn’t immediate, but it was within the first 30 minutes of our chick-chat. Of course, I asked her if she was dating anyone. “No,” she said. “But I’m working on it.” She then pulled up notes on her iPhone and showed me a list

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