Passion, February 2014

From the Publisher - February 2014

Last year, poignant words about passion came flowing out of me as I wrote the Publisher’s note for February 2013. I had just come off of a weeklong trip of solitude and writing. In addition, I was enjoying newly found success in my weight-loss journey, as I fit into size-10 jeans, a huge improvement from the previous size-18s. Passion filled me. I was on-fire, and when I penned the words below, uncontainable passion oozed out with them.


Pity, April 2014

From the Publisher - April 2014

I went to a birthday party last night and it was a lot of fun. I am also looking forward to the Pink Partini party on April 10 to celebrate Pink Magazine turning 10-years-old—very exciting. However, there is one party I never want to go to and that’s a pity party. I was reminded of this recently when I texted a friend. My text went something like this: I don’t feel good. I’ve sucked with eating healthy the last four days. I hate myself for it. I feel like crying.


In Celebration of Our 10 Year Anniversary

When I started Pink Magazine in a small 8’ x 12’ room in my Hilton Head Plantation home, I didn’t think ten years ahead. I never once thought it would fail, but all I could do is take one month at a time, just trying to keep my head above water. (What can I say? Deadlines are killer!) It was not more than six months before I needed to move out of the house into a larger space. Pink Magazine grew like wildfire, even when faced with unexpected competition.


Perserverance, May 2014

From the Publisher - May 2014

Have you ever stopped and taken an aerial view of your life; pondering exactly how you got from there to here? Here, where you are today in your relationships, career and overall satisfaction with life. As the creator and owner of Pink Magazine, I am often asked how I did it or what motivated me do it. I always reply: When I step back and take an aerial view of my life, thus far, the path is clear and precise; that is the path that lead me straight to it.


Self-Discovery, June 2014

From the Publisher - June 2014

I have lost 61 pounds. For 22 months I did it alone. I walked alone, I often ate alone, I went to the gym alone and I liked it. Walking this journey alone allowed me freedom to not have to count on anyone but myself. It eliminated excuses based on others. I had no one calling and telling me they couldn’t walk today or to go on to the gym without them. Taking the time to accomplish this alone actually made me stronger in the process and a much more independent, confident person overall.

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