Change, October 2014

From the Publisher

Change, October 2014

What is it about change that makes it so scary? Is it the unknown? Is it that it’s better the way it is? Or maybe, it’s easier the way it is. Perhaps knowing what you have is better than fearing what you don’t, even if what you have isn’t that great. Regardless, there are two facts about change: 1. It is inevitable. 2. Most people don’t like it.


Health, September 2014

From the Publisher

Health, September 2014

The theme for this month’s editorial is Be Healthy. While there are a million things I could write about along the lines of health, given my ongoing weight loss journey, I’m going to write about happiness, instead. I thought long and hard about the topic of health and discovered it is multi-dimensional. Health doesn’t only mean you are not sick. It also isn’t as simple as your body working correctly. Health is a well-rounded phenomenon, which is the sum of being, and a major part of the equation is happiness.


Dedication, August 2014

From the Publisher - August 2014

If you follow me on Facebook, you probably know I workout because of the daily photo that I post of Dr. Tracy Blusewicz, my workout partner, and me. Sometimes I think it’s a bit much, but we both have people tell us regularly that we are an inspiration to them. For that alone, it is worth continuing to post.


Hissy Fit, August 2014

Answer Me...Now

My cell phone rang and I answered it. In the midst of my conversation, I hear my home telephone line ringing. I ignore it. I have caller ID; I will call them back. As soon as the telephone stops ringing, a call waiting beep comes through on my cell. I ignore it. I hear the home phone ring again. Although distracted, again, I ignore it. My cell call waiting alerts me again. As I say goodbye to the person I was attempting to have a phone conversation with, the home phone rings for the third time in three minutes. This time I answer, “Good Lord, what?”


Resolution, January 2014

From the Publisher - January 2014

Well, I am a mere 15 pounds away from reaching a goal that seemed impossible 18-months ago. What was the goal then? It was to get my act together, with the hopes that weight loss would pursue. I know that’s not a great goal, especially since it is so vague. The upside, though, the plan didn’t demand unrealistic expectations. For the first time, I didn’t begin by claiming something like: “I’m going to lose 42 pounds by next Friday. It simply started with going to bed earlier and getting mindful about what and how much I was eating.

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